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VERY IMPORTANT - READ Before you bid


Payment must be received in full within 24 hours -in person and during business hours, at the storage facility, after the auction closes. Failure to claim a won auction will result in the deactivation of your account

Our online storage auctions have a soft close. All bids within the last minute will extend the closing time by 2 minutes. The final bidder willing to bid the most will win the auction. Additional Cash deposits on all units won will be returned once all items have been removed and the facility manager has visually verified the unit is completely empty and cleaned to the facility manager`s satisfaction.

Payment and Terms of Claiming the Locker

Buyers must be 18 years of age to bid. Payment must be received in full within 24 hours in person after the auction closes and during business hours. Removal of items are done during business hours as well. If the auction is not claimed within 24 hours, the winner will forfeit their bid and the next highest bidder may be selected. Call 416-754-3841 to arrange payment and pickup. Payment in full will only be made in person at the facility. WE ACCEPT DEBIT AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. A refundable cash deposit or other method (depending on Storage Operator) will also have to be made to ensure that the storage unit is entirely cleared out within 48 hour and during business hours. Please contact the facility manager for exact amount of time. The deposit will only be returned when the storage unit is empty and cleaned to the facility managers satisfaction. If you do not bring a cash deposit, the facility manager can deny you access to the storage unit. All sales plus tax if applicable are FINAL and no refunds are allowed. Some facilities do not accept exempt sales licenses or resale certificates, please call to confirm policy.

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Title to the purchased goods does not pass to buyer until payment in full has been tendered by the buyer at the location of sale.

Legal Advertising:
The listing and/or preview of each unit may or may not constitute a legal advertisement in your state. Please check with your legal counsel for your legal requirements.

Should the winning bidder be unable to clear the unit and elect to rent the space, it will not be eligible for any available discounts or promotions,. It is at the discretion of the Storage Company if they wish to offer a move in special or rent the space.

All vehicles are sold as is and where as. No refunds!! The seller may or may not have legal title of vehicle. If you bid on a vehicle then you, the Buyer, agrees to these terms. It is advisable to always contact your local motor vehicle licensing office regarding the procedure to transfer title and ownership prior to bidding.

With some storage facilities, depending on State Lien Laws, Any vehicles found in the storage unit will be towed, and are not subject to the auction sale. The seller may or may not have legal title of vehicle, and a local towing company will remove the vehicle and take responsibility for impound. Please call the storage facility to confirm prior to bidding.

Pickup and Disposal
Contents must be picked up ENTIRELY. Vacate storage unit completely, within 48 hours of auction close and cleaned to the facility`s satisfaction. If ANY contents are left behind, the deposit will not be returned. Failure to remove ALL items from a won unit can result in the deactivation of your account

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Access Hours
Access for the winning Bidder is limited to the office hours at the specific location. The Bidder is not permitted to access the property without a Storage employee on site.

The facility DOES NOT OFFER DISPOSAL of any kind. We will not allow our garbage containers to be used. It is the responsibility of the winner to remove all the contents from our property and arrange disposal at their own expense. If you would like to rent the unit purchased at Public Sale, then the Manager on duty can assist you. Smoking is prohibited on the sites, please respect the Property, Managers and other Tenants at all times or you will be asked to leave the facility.

Terms & Conditions
Make sure to read the Notice to Buyers at the bottom of this listing.

Know which unit you are bidding on. If you win an auction, make certain you know which unit you won. This number will be in the invoice sent to you by iBid4storage.

Know your Username
When you go to pay and pickup your purchased contents, you must be able to tell the storage facility manager what your Username is to verify your account and the unit you purchased. Your Username is what you choose upon Registration and what you Sign In with.

PHOTO ID must be presented at the facility. Only the registered person who won the auction is allowed to pick up the locker. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Close of auction
When the auction closes, you will be immediately notified by email if you won the auction in subject.

Pickup Location Information
L044 - Access Storage - 40 Metropolitan Rd -
40 Metropolitan Rd , Scarborough , ON, M1R 2T6

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Notice to Buyers: This is to inform the buyers prior to the sale that:


The storage location reserves the right to end an auction at any time during the bidding period and prior to payment being made by the buyer at the location.


By placing a bid, the buyer is entering into a legally-binding contract. If the winning buyer does not honor the bid and does not pay for the purchased contents, fees will apply, up to value of the bid placed.

This Storage location reserves the right to cancel any sale if the bids are, in the discretion of the Storage location, unreasonable, or if tenant pays and redeems unit prior to auction closing.

Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on all items within the unit and all items must be removed and the unit must be cleaned. In the event that Buyer does not remove all items or does not leave the unit clean, the Storage Location may charge the Buyer its costs in removing such items and/or cleaning the unit.

The Buyer must remove all goods within a 48 hour period or the goods will become the property of the Storage Location unless, the Buyer makes appropriate arrangements or signs an agreement for said unit, and pays the current month`s rent in full. Failure to remove all goods or sign an agreement will result in Buyer incurring a disposal fee. Buyer is responsible for securing the unit holding such property for the 48 hour period.

It is the Buyer`s responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, etc. to the Storage location for return to tenant in the future. If the Buyer finds any illegal material, firearms, or any item that is considered illegal, then it is the Buyers responsibility to declare and notify the local police authority of items bought.

The Buyer acknowledges that in certain circumstances that the Storage location may contact the Buyer and request that certain items be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with said tenant, the Buyer also agrees to sell to the Storage location such items for (a) the cost at which Buyer purchased such items plus (b) any reasonable actual costs incurred by Buyer in connection with such items.

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This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Buyer attends with any Self Storage facility listed at iBid4storage.com. The Storage facility reserves the right to refuse bids to any Buyer at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior during the auction process.


How do I find my local storage unit auctions? ›

You can find storage unit auctions by contacting nearby self-storage facilities or doing a Google search for “storage auctions near me” (many auctions take place online). You can find storage unit auctions online through popular websites like StorageAuctions.com or Storage Treasures.

Is buying storage units profitable? ›

In a word, yes. Just how much annual income can storage facilities generate? Your profit will depend on several factors, including the size and location of the facility, whether you used a loan to acquire the property and how you're using the facility to generate income.

How do I buy someone a storage unit? ›

There are 2 major auction sites for abandoned storage units: Storage Auctions and Storage Treasures. Go to either of these sites and sign up for a buyer's account by entering your name, address, and credit card information. These sites are free to join.

Why do people auction off storage units? ›

The point of storage auctions is two-fold: to help companies redeem lost profit from non-payment and to help them clear out the unit for a future renter. It's also an alternative to simply sending left behind items to a landfill, especially in cases where the abandoned belongings have value or can still be put to use.

How do I know if my local storage has value? ›

Learn how to check if an item is set in localStorage

Since the Storage object (which is accessed via window. localStorage property) has no hasItem() method, you can simply use the getItem() method instead to check if an item is set or not (as it returns null when the key does not exist).

Is flipping storage units profitable? ›

Absolutely. Whether you're the storage owner or a bidder, there is profit to be made on auctions. However, there are some risks. If you're the owner and are auctioning, you would need to accept a bid high enough to recoup the losses from the previous renter's failure to make payment.

What is the average return on storage units? ›

While growth rates are projected to remain steady, the self-storage industry has a strong track record of a high return on investment for most facilities. From 2009 to 2018, self-storage facilities averaged an annual ROI of 16.9%.

How much net profit does a storage owner make? ›

How Much Profit do Storage Unit Owners Make? The average profit for a storage unit business owner is $184,500 annually. Of course the potential profit for any specific storage unit facility will depend on the size of the facility, the market rate for rent in the area, and the operating efficiency of the business.

Is it worth investing in storage units? ›

Businesses and individuals need self storage rental services all year-round, regardless of the economic situation. Many individuals are downsizing their homes, and businesses are often looking for extra storage space for their inventory. This makes a self storage business a great investment option for many people.

How do storage auctions really work? ›

Know Your Storage Auction Rules

Bidders bid on the contents of the entire storage unit, not on an item-by-item basis. The auction of each unit is open, so there are no sealed bids. The unit is sold to the highest bidder. The winning bid must be paid in cash upon winning.

What sites are like storage treasures? ›

storagetreasures.com's top 5 competitors in December 2022 are: storageauctions.com, selfstorageauction.com, lockerfox.com, auctionzip.com, and more.

What websites are like Lockerfox? ›

lockerfox.com's top 5 competitors in December 2022 are: storagetreasures.com, bid13.com, selfstorageauction.com, storageauctions.com, and more.


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